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Types of Indoor Growing Technics that are trending this Decade

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

In this Article we are going to talk about all the Technics that is available out there to grow you plants indoor. whether you are a small hobby grower or a big fish you are likely to grow using one of these technics. but do you know all pros and cons of each and every one? If not this article can be extremely interesting to you.

So basically the indoor Growing systems are divided into several groups:

drip (or other) irrigation technics based system;

Hydroponics - Hydroponics have good number of sub-technics that we are going to discuss in this article;

Aeroponics - pretty much like Hydroponics with several differences.

drip Irrigation -

Hydroponics - DWC, NFT, RTW, Bubbelponics, all these abbreviations sound a bit too nasty. Lets discuss each of them separately;

Aeroponics - This Technics evolve recently just a few years, maybe a decade ago but already gained good popularity thanks to its innovative approach to several key factors which needs attention on water-as-a-substrate world of growing.

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